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Tips From Your Lexington KY Dentist 

Tips for a Healthy Smile During the Holidays

Men, women, and children all across the world associate the holiday season with a plethora of delectable treats. We look forward to sinking our teeth into every delectable moment, from traditional trifles and cranberry croissants to snickerdoodle cookies. Meanwhile, those who will be chomping and chewing (a.k.a. our teeth and gums) are hiding in terror of the impending attack. Today on the blog, we share our best dental tips from your Lexington KY dentist to keep your smile sparkling all holiday season.

You may fulfill your sweet taste during the holidays while avoiding the most frequent dental issues if you are proactive and follow this basic dental advice from Dr. Kim, the best dentist in Lexington KY.

Remember to Eat Teeth-Healthy Foods!

Allow yourself the indulgence of Christmas sweets and delights, but remember to include fruits and vegetables in your diet as well. Our dentist in Lexington KY shares that eating raw carrots can help prevent cavities by functioning as a natural toothbrush. Cheese, apples, celery, and leafy greens are some tooth-healthy foods that may benefit your oral health.  

Avoid Consuming Excessive Amounts of Certain Holiday Treats

While sticky, chewy, and extra-hard foods are delightful, they are the worst nightmare for your teeth and gums. Our friends over at High Desert Dental, Grand Junction CO Dentist, says their warning foods include holiday favorites like candy canes, Tootsie Rolls, and toffee. 

Because avoiding these customary once-a-year indulgences might be difficult, what you can do is strike the perfect balance. To begin, don’t overindulge in delectable but dangerous treats. Second, make it a point to follow the nine steps to maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout the year. If your sweet tooth persists, imagine receiving a dental filling or a root canal in the New Year as a strong deterrent.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth Regularly 

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should skip out on your dental health regimen as well. With all of the food and wine you may be consuming this holiday season, maintaining a dental care regimen is more important than ever. Brushing after every meal and flossing every day may not be the most joyous aspect of the holidays, but it’s important. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is one of those things that remains constant regardless of the season. It offers several advantages, including refreshing your breath. Additionally, it cleans away bacteria in your mouth and assists digestion after a delicious meal. Furthermore, drinking eight glasses of water every day helps counteract your “false” hunger and desires. Thus, you are avoiding the need to add “reduce the holiday weight” to your New Year’s Resolutions once more.

Chew Sugar-Free Cinnamon Gum 

Cinnamaldehyde, an essential oil found in cinnamon gum, lends a crisp, spicy taste to this chewy delicacy. This component stimulates your salivary glands. Additionally, it may be able to eradicate cavity-forming germs. Cinnamon may also keep your breath minty fresh.

Never Tear Wrapping Paper or Pop Open Beer Bottles With Your Teeth

Opening a bottle or wrapper with your teeth may be fun and convenient, but it’s horrible for your teeth. Although it’s a fun party trick, it might damage your teeth. Using your teeth to open Christmas gifts, parcels, and more can potentially cause cracking and fracture.

When you’re out and about, it’s easy to forget about your dental health. Besides, the last thing you want to do after a night of fun is clean your teeth.

Make an Appointment For Your Tooth Cleaning in Lexington KY

 The good news is… You may book your post-holiday dental cleaning and check-up right now to keep your teeth clean and cavity-free from all of 2022!