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Clear Aligners 


Straighten Your Smile with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a wonderful option for those looking to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth. This orthodontic treatment is a clear, removable alternative to traditional wire braces that works to slowly transform your smile.

With clear aligners, patients get flexibility and convenience. Our dentists will custom build your clear aligners to suit your mouth and individual smile goals. Ask us about clear aligners today!

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Getting Started with Clear Aligners

During your consultation with our Lexington KY dentists, we will examine your teeth and take scans of your mouth. After discussing your individual smile goals, we will make a custom plan just for you to get your smile where you want it to be. We will then create your multiple sets of clear aligners and get started!

Once you’ve received your first set of clear aligners, your treatment plan begins. We will send you new aligners to wear every 1 to 2 weeks to slowly re-align your teeth and straighten your smile!

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Your Clear Aligner Treatment Plan

Treatment plans depend on each patient. However, t is extremely important that you wear all patients, regardless of their misalignment, wear their clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

Typically, treatment plans are anywhere from 10 to 24 months long to ensure that your smile is just right. Interested in what clear aligners could do for your smile? Schedule an appointment with us below!

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