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Cosmetic Dentistry Options 

What Are My Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Lexington KY?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of professional dental care that aims to improve the appearance of your smile, mouth, and teeth. As follows, most cosmetic dental operations are considered optional, some of them offer restorative advantages. In addition, some cosmetic operations are easy, while others are difficult. Our dentist in Lexington KY  shares your cosmetic dentistry options below. 

1. Composite Bonding

First, composite bonding is a minimally intrusive, low-cost, and quick approach to brighten your smile. As follows, composite bonding is a dental procedure that involves molding a dental substance called composite resin. Our  Lexington KY dentist explains that this gives teeth a straighter look and a brighter smile. Additionally, it might be used to improve the appearance of individuals with gapped, chipped, or discolored teeth. Additionally, bonding is often completed in a single session. 

Not everyone’s teeth are suitable for composite bonding. This treatment will not cure a crooked grin caused by an under or overbite. Furthermore, check with your dentist near me about the best solution for modifying your bite or filling difficult gaps and chips in your teeth. 

The procedure is now incredibly efficient when completed by your dentist Lexington KY

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching and whitening are two of the most common cosmetic treatments nowadays. Our cosmetic dentist in Lexington KY performs teeth whitening after removing dirt, tartar, and plaque from the tooth surface in order to restore the tooth’s natural appearance. Different people have varying degrees of staining on their teeth. Some teeth are inherently yellow, whereas others begin to yellow as they age. More information may be found on our blog, which includes cosmetic dentist suggestions for teeth whitening as well as advice for boosting your at-home teeth whitening.

3. Dental Implants Lexington KY

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth. To support the crown, a tiny titanium screw is placed into the jawbone near a lost tooth. The implants are designed to look like real teeth. After the surrounding bone, the implant, and the bone have fused, the implant is permanently put.

You should find an expert dentist if you want a successful cosmetic implant. If you do not have enough bone to support the implant, bone grafting may be performed. It is also important that you notify your dentist about your medical history since some illnesses, such as liver disease, brittle diabetes, or bleeding problems, may interfere with implant placement.

It is important to floss and clean your teeth every day. Additionally, Kissing Camels Family Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist Colorado Springs, advises avoiding smoking after your cosmetic implant since it destroys the bone structure. Ice and hard foods should also be avoided since they might harm the crown. Seeing a dentist at least twice a year will also help the implant’s success and your general dental health.

4. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are an excellent choice for individuals who want to fix misaligned or crooked teeth. This orthodontic treatment, which helps to gradually modify your smile, is a transparent, detachable alternative to traditional wire braces.

Patients benefit from the flexibility and convenience of transparent aligners. Our dentists will design your clear aligners specifically for your mouth and particular smile objectives. Inquire about clear aligners right away!

5. Dental Veneers & Lumineers

Porcelain veneers are used by cosmetic dentists to treat a wide range of aesthetic difficulties, including mending damaged or broken teeth, straightening crooked teeth, and closing gaps between teeth. Veneers cover your real teeth with a permanent veneer of tooth-colored material to disguise stains, chipping, discoloration, and misalignment.

Additionally, we offer lumineers. Because Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens, they need little to no dental preparation and no anesthesia. Lumineers are attached to your teeth and cured with light. Because the procedure is less invasive than traditional veneers, lumineer patients can enjoy their new smiles right away. Additionally, they will have no post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity.

Ready for a cosmetic dental procedure? As follows, discuss your options with our team today!